What is The FSCS Pension
Claim Organisation?

Simply put, we are mis-sold pension experts, who over the last 10+ years have recovered millions of pounds for our customers, people like you, people who had given up all hopes of ever seeing their hard earned money again! We're here to tell the providers
Not On Our Watch!

Where the FSCS Pension Claim Org. stands head & sholders above the rest is our super hero team of relentless, no nonsense & quick off the mark individuals! This approach is so important to when in many cases pension claims are time sensitive, for that reason we have dedicated teams available, ready to start on your claim within 1 hour of your enquiry. With your dedicated team behind you there's no "back of the queue" aproach, combine that with our industry leading expertise, it's no wonder our clients get their full entitlement in the shortest timescale possible., earning us the title...
The Pension Claim Magicians

We know how you are feeling right now but STOP, take a breath, & start our 100% risk free process, then don't give it another thought while our team get to work.
We Work Hard So You Can Sleep Easy!

£527m Paid in Compensation During 2019/20

Source: FSCS.org.uk

Thats a total yearly claim value up by a staggering 94% on just 4 years ago in 2015/16!..


FSCS Pension Claims were amazing! I'd previously claimed myself and got £42,000 which was great but after talking with FSCS Pension Claims and going through a simple process, turns out I was eligible for another £22,000!! Apparently it could have been more.
Tom Relph

I thought it was funny that the agent I spoke with kept on saying their solicitors were magicians when it comes to claiming peoples pensions back, all I can say is WOW! Advice I'd received when talking direct with the FSCS led me to beleive I'd get a few thousand pounds, FSCS Pension Claims got me £29,000!
Grant Middleton

FSCS Pension Claims are a great company, I submitted my claim, found out within a week I had a claim, 3 weeks later £62,000 in the bank! I think I spoke with then about 3 times, in total probably 20 minutes, I can't beleive how easy it was actually.
Samuel Hyde